Exploring Oatmeal: Nature’s True Shade

Coming to you straight from the lap of nature! One of the many native colors, oatmeal, is also derived from our mother nature. As linen is a natural fabric, nothing can describe its beauty and aesthetic except nature itself. 

Basically, linen gray is a common term to represent the natural, undyed linen fiber color. Natural linen’s shades: ivory, ecru, oatmeal, and taupe, depend much on the conditions under which the flax plant processes and grows. Of course, we’re going to walk you through all those processes so that you feel more connected and can experience the simplicity in the intricacy of the oatmeal shades of linen.

Overall, the oatmeal shade of natural linen is typically grayish with warm, brown overtones. The producers of linen often blend the fibers from different seasons to maintain color constancy. However, understanding how and why linen’s colors vary can help you make wiser shopping decisions and discover different subtle earthy tones.

Only Oatmeal!

Being a neutral color, it is simple to blend it into a space with a predefined color scheme. This eye-pleasing color is available for various products such as soft furniture, drapes, and clothing are some of these items. Therefore, adding light shades to your closet, home decor can add a refreshing yet warm touch, and our beautiful collection of linen products is skillfully handcrafted for you in this amazing shade.

Bedding Oatmeal Linens

Resting peacefully can become easier with linen bedding in oatmeal hues, be it linen quilts, pillowcases, bedsheets, or duvet covers. Since the shade not only looks as elegant as it can be but using linen products makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable.

Table Oatmeal Linens

Talking about linen bedding and the comfort provided by these in your households takes us to table linens. Absolutely! How can we forget about table linens when comfort & luxury are the talk of the table? Ergo, Linen tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and even table runners in shades of oatmeal can bring the entire look of your decor together.

Living Oatmeal Linens

The natural shade of linen can make your home reach new, visually appealing levels. Therefore, adding a linen living room collection in the oatmeal shade can be the best for your home decor. After all, warm colors associate with inviting, happy and cozy feelings, accordingly, calling your guests over and flaunting these products we have available for you like linen curtains, cushion covers, and throws can be perfect.

Clothing & Accessories with Oatmeal Linens

Enough about giving a makeover to your home, let’s now turn our attention to the closet and fill it with a luxurious hue of linen oatmeal. Because it’s high time we make the transition to our linen clothing collection enwrapped in complete affection and solace. Thus, choose Linen clothing for men and women as they have set their benchmarks in the slow-fashion industry with minimalism, traditional aesthetics, and whatnot with highlights of our linen accessories.


Finally, it can be tricky to decide on just one of the many gorgeous colors from our collection. Depending on your color scheme, you can try looking for colors that will serve as accents or the attraction points of an interior. Although after the beautiful Linen shade Oatmeal, our personal favorites are Summer Yellow, Rusty Ochre, and Moody Blue. Furthermore, when selecting linen colors, you can keep warm and cold tones separate because blending them rarely looks good. Try yourself & enjoy linens!

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